The Swim

The Channel 7 Brighton Jetty Classic is South Australia’s largest open water swim and street festival and it is the platform for our fabulously famous Marilyn Jetty Swim!

While the Brighton Jetty Classic itself has been running annually on the first Sunday in February since 2006, the Marilyn Jetty Swim started in 2014 thanks to founding Marilyn, Sarah Tinney.

As a Swim Marilyn, the swim is the highlight of the day and will see you join your fellow look-a-likes as you swim/paddle 400m around the iconic Brighton Jetty, creating a sea of Marilyn’s. It’s really a spectacular sight! Just take a look here.

While the swim itself is the main highlight, there is plenty of fun to be had right across the whole day.

Here’s a glimpse of what you can expect on the day: