Be bold, be fabulous.
Make a splash with the
Marilyn Jetty Swim!

Sunday 4 February 2024
Dressing head to toe as everyone's favourite 50s icon for the iconic Marilyn Jetty Swim is not only a heap of fun, it's also one of the most empowering ways you can make a difference to  South Australians impacted by cancer.

2024 Expression of interest  Donate

  • Broadway carpets just donated $103.75
  • SAGE AUTOMATION just donated $463
  • Margaret Klass just donated $52.75
  • Deb C just donated $26.38
  • Mike Fitzpatrick just donated $52.75
  • Chris and Steve Kerrigan just donated $52.75
  • Anonymous just donated $700
  • Meredith Rees just donated $52.75
  • Hannelore Hemmer just donated $26.38
  • Kylie Hutt just donated $52.75
  • Emma Chapman just donated $26.38
  • Andrew Dare just donated $50
  • DW Fox Tucker Lawyers just donated $820.66
  • Freeds just donated $50
  • Kate Sampson just donated $31.65
  • Phillip just donated $25
  • Anonymous just donated $52.75
  • Heidi Teasdale just donated $52.75
  • Ruth Deegan just donated $52.75
  • Fiona Wirth just donated $25

Register now!

Sign up with the Marilyn Jetty Swim next time to make a real splash. Choose to take the plunge and swim 400m around the Brighton jetty or stay lovely and dry and show your support on the shore.

Become a part
of the sisterhood

Be bold, be brave, be fabulous–purchase your swimsuit,
swim ring and pop 
on your blonde wig and sunglasses and
join a unique sisterhood of women (and men!).

Raise money

Benefit from expert fundraising support and have the opportunity to win amazing prizes.

Make a difference 

Every dollar raised will help Cancer Council SA invest in ground-breaking cancer research, empower people to reduce their own risk with prevention education and provide essential support to everyone affected by cancer.

Blondes DO have more fun and so will you, Darling

By donning their white Marilyn-inspired swimsuit, blonde wig, winged liner and red lippy to swim the seas of Brighton, our fabulous Marilyn community stand tall, proud and contribute to a cancer free future!

So Darling, are you bold enough to glam up and join our Marilyn's in supporting South Australians impacted by cancer? Make a donation today!

Meet Sarah

our founding Marilyn!

Like so many others, founding Marilyn Sarah Tinney, first turned to fundraising after a personal experience. Her mother back in the US was diagnosed in 2006, and passed away in 2007. From the first day of her mother’s diagnosis, Sarah pledged to help raise money to cure cancer in her honour and that’s how the Marilyn Jetty Swim was born.

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