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Thanks to you, we're one step closer to a cancer free future!

In 2007 my Mother, Esther Marie Bryja, lost her battle with Cancer. Since her diagnosis I pledged to her to help raise money to cure Cancer in her honour. I sat here thinking of what to write... but I think I will let my Mom do the speaking for me. I received this letter just weeks before my Mothers death in May 2007. I think this- is really- what it is all about, and I think she would be happy to share a part of this private email with all of you to really give the perspective of a person battling this terrible disease that steals Mothers from their children.
" Since my ordeal began last November, I have had the opportunity to meet a lot of good people that are fighting and struggling like I am. They're not famous, except to their own families, but they sure deserve to spend time doing something that is more fun than this is. There was a woman who was a jewelry maker, an old vet who made it through WWII, but isn't sure he'll make it through this. And the kids, the babies being held by their mothers while needles are being poked into them. Feeling pain and not knowing why. The 2, 4, 6, and 8 year olds, being pushed in wheel chairs, because they are too weak to walk, with bald heads and the biggest smiles you'll ever see. You want to know what attitude is - these kids have the best attitude in the world. And they are always ready with a wisecrack or a joke if an adult can keep the tears in long enough to talk to them. What you and your friends are doing is so important to so many people - not just Aussies, Americans, what have you, but to human beings that just want to live their lives, as boring as that may be. I am so proud you are a part of this in your new country, Sarah."

Today, you can help people affected by Cancer, as well as prevent and beat this horrible disease by supporting me in the Marilyn Jetty Swim.
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Sarah Tinney


Sarah Tinney


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Sarah Tinney


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Great job Sarah and have a fabulous day tomorrow. Daphne says Hi to Blizty


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Go Sarah! (11 x 6 packs sold today! We’ll keep a tally of any others who buy later and contribute as they come in)


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Wishing you all the best for a wonderful swim!


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You are an amazing soul! Thank you for all your hard work raising funds to support people affected by cancer xxx


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Here’s to another great year! Thank you for your passion and efforts behind this💕


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Go Sarah, you are an amazing woman to have started this campaign to raise money towards cancer research in S.A. ♡♡♡


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Loved your mom and she would be so proud of you!


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Sarah, You are a legend in your own time. Such an inspiration. It is a priveledge to know you.


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Thank you for starting and growing this amazing fundraiser Sarah, reaching a million dollar is just incredible, congratulations!! 💋


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Sarah Tinney


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