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Thanks to you, we're one step closer to a cancer free future!

1 in 2 Australian's will be diagnosed with cancer by the age of 85. Your support will help us change this terrible statistic.
Every dollar raised will help Cancer Council SA invest in ground-breaking cancer research, empower people to reduce their own risk with prevention education, and provide essential support to everyone impacted by cancer.

Today, you can help Cancer Council SA work towards a cancer free future by supporting me in the Marilyn Jetty Swim. It is sure to be an unforgettable challenge that I will remember forever.

Thank you for your support


My Updates

Rolling with the punches...

Wednesday 2nd Mar
And...they just keep coming.
In the last week Ian has been diagnosed with a heart condition called Idiopathic Pulmonary Hypertension.  He is yet to see a Cardiologist and we are yet to learn more information about this latest diagnosis but basically this means the arteries on the right side of his heart which send the blood to the lungs aren't functioning  correctly so his blood isn't being oxygenated properly and there's a back up of fluid within his body...this causes a whole lot of issues and added risks.
In a bid to improve his (and the family's) quality of life Ian will be finishing work at the end of this week.  This hasn't been an easy decision to make but it has become necessary.
Through all of this we have great family and friends to support us but I am increasingly grateful for the support of the Cancer Council.  My counselor has been a fantastic support with a wealth of  knowledge to share.  I know that her support and the support of the Cancer Council is going to be invaluable to me as we continue on this journey.
Which is why I am going to donate some more money to them, through my Marilyn page, because  I am so grateful they exist to support families like ours. 
My donation page is still open until April so if you would like to donate please do so. 
Remember it is tax deductible, if you have a business  you'd like to donate through this could be a great tax deduction plus great PR :)

More to give?

Wednesday 9th Feb
So it's been 3 days since the swim and I have been reflecting a lot since.
I had a great time and I am so thankful for my friend Ann and a new friend Sarah who literally held my hand at times...we got through together!
I am so grateful for my family and their support.  Seeing their faces as they proudly waved and cheered me on is an image I will hold on to - particularly in the harder moments <3
This morning I took our two little ones to a Sunflower farm where you can pick your own sunflowers. It was so beautiful...like a sea of sunshine.  Much like our sea of Marilyn's on the weekend!  Both were a beautiful sight.
There was one sunflower in particular which caught my eye and caused me to pause and think...I have attached a photo of it.
My first thought was "It looks just as shabby as I often feel" but as I thought deeper my thoughts changed to..."This sunflower looks like it's done right, it's exhausted, it only has a few shriveling petals left BUT you know what, there is still life in it yet!  I bet that big flower head is full of seeds, seeds of hope, seeds which will bring new life.  It might look like it's done - but it's far from done yet".
Much like the Marilyn Jetty Swim, might seem like it's done. The swim is over but the journey isn't. This years swim has sown seeds for bigger and better things next year.
There is still time to give as well, the fundraising link is still open. So, please...if you haven't already donated...please do <3

Raw & Real, tomorrow's a BIG DEAL

Saturday 5th Feb
Tomorrow is the big day!

The day I attempt to put make up on like Marilyn, put on a blonde wig and a white swimsuit, parade down the street to the Brighton Jetty with hundreds of other Marilyn's and splash my way around the Brighton Jetty all in my husbands name and to raise money for the Cancer Council.

Many wouldn't know that I have major anxiety around meeting new people...will they think I'm stupid, will they think I'm ugly, will conversation be awkward, will I make a fool of myself etc etc...then I can also get anxious in large crowds. So the prospect of meeting with hundreds of others I don't know (except for one who will be with her team and could be like trying to find a needle in a haystack) is SUPER scary for me.  In case it's not clear, tomorrow is SUPER scary for me!

Cancer is super bloody scary too and this journey our family are on with my husband is fraught with emotions!  We have great friends and family who are there to support us through this but I am also very grateful the Cancer Council is there to support us as well. 
Which is why tomorrow I will push through my fears and anxiety to do this because the chance  to show  support for my husband and raise money for the Cancer Council drives me to push through.

The Cancer Council offer amazing support for patients and families in so many ways.  I have been able to access a counselor through them and I know she is going to be an invaluable support to me.

So tomorrow, even if I don't get the make up right, even if I am anxious as all heck and feeling like a hot mess on the inside..I will wear a smile and hold my head high remembering why I am doing this and remembering all of the wonderful people who have shown their support by donating to the cause!

3 days to go!!!

Thursday 3rd Feb
Two days ago I set a new goal for my fundraising and increased it to $2,000.  I am nearly there - only $275 to go!! 

Only three days until I get my Marilyn gear on and join hundreds of other Marilyn's  at the Brighton Jetty. 

What's it all for?

The Cancer Council do so much amazing work, they are a vital support for patients and families dealing with Cancer and  I am thrilled for the opportunity to give something back to them by raising funds and awareness for them.

Watching my husband go through this is certainly not easy.  The loss of control, the uncertainty, the burden and feeling like there is just nothing I can do.

But this, this swim, is something I CAN DO! This is my contribution to the Cancer Council, to my husband's journey, to my family, to me! 

Thank you to everyone who has hung in there with me, to everyone who has donated and everyone who has shown their support and encouragement.

I know there are more who could donate and I am sincerely asking you to please consider doing so. 

I'm not normally forthright or repetitive when it comes to asking things of people, especially when money is involved, but this is something  extremely close to my heart and extremely important.
So, please consider what you can donate and get behind me, my family and the Cancer Council.


New fundraising goal!

Tuesday 1st Feb
Initially I set my fundraising goal at $500 and was so humbled and amazed that goal was blown out of  the water (so to speak) by everyone's generous donations!
I have just changed my goal and raised it to $2,000 believing we can make this happen.
If you haven't already donated then PLEASE, PLEASE consider donating through the link below.
There's only 5 days left until I do this, eek!

1 week to go!

Sunday 30th Jan
Ok so nerves are definitely kicking in!
This time next week things will be in full swing.
I'll be one of hundreds of other Marilyn's taking the plunge to raise money for the Cancer Council. 
I have no idea what to expect, no idea how I'll feel on the day (apart from anxious)  but it will be all worth it. 
So thankful to those who have donated, your support means so much!
I've been knocked off the leaders board of individual fundraisers... not that I'm competitive or anything... would be stoked if I can get back on there. 
So, if you haven't already donated PLEASE consider it... every dollar counts! I'd love to get back on the top 3 😁 

Blown Away!!

Sunday 23rd Jan
The weather sure has been windy lately but that's not what has blown me away. 
I  am blown away by EVERY SINGLE DONATION made so far by every single person!!
THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!! I am immensely grateful. 

As the Marilyn Jetty Swim gets closer, I get more nervous but also more excited.   14 days to go  😬🥳👄

16 days to go!

Thursday 20th Jan
So me stepping way out of my comfort zone to join the Marilyn Jetty Swim is nothing compared to what my husband deals with on the daily!  He is incredibly strong and positive. 

Me I am positiveand strong too but some days I struggle...a lot.... with many aspects of this journey.  I'm really grateful that The Cancer Council is there researching and working hard towards a cancer free future. I'm super grateful that I can ring 131120 and there'll be someone I can talk to and get support from.
Any donation you can give, would be truly appreciated by me, The Cancer Council  and those they support. EVERY DOLLAR COUNTS!

Why I am doing this....

Friday 7th Jan
Most of you know by now Ian has been fighting Cancer for just over a year.

November 2020 he was diagnosed with Stage 4 Lung Cancer, he beat that with Immunotherapy. 

August 2021 he was diagnosed with MDS, a form of blood cancer. 

He ended up having surgery on Christmas Day to remove his gall bladder at which time they discovered a lesion on his liver.  Biopsy results show the lesion is cancerous.  Plus there are two growths on his chest the Oncologist is concerned about which may result in Ian needing his lymph nodes removed and/or radiotherapy in the near future.

He continues having Immunotherapy every 3 weeks with blood tests prior to every treatment and regular scans to monitor things.

This battle is really hard for him and all of us as a family.
As his wife it's so hard to watch him go through. Feeling helpless, scared, confused and even angry while managing a house, caring for little ones and keeping everything together.

A friend of mine shared a post to say she is doing this Marilyn Swim and I thought - this is something I can do!  It is WAY OUT OF MY COMFORT ZONE indeed.

This is something I can do which will make a difference to people going through what we are going through!

So, in honour of my darling husband and my family I am going to join the Marilyn Swim <3>

If you would like to donate we would be most grateful...so I am not making a fool of myself for nothing ;)

Thank you to my Sponsors


Dillon And El

Much love to both you and Ian, Dill and El


Novita Horasio

Great cause xx






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I’m so proud of you mum xxx


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Go well girl


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Well done Kath and all the very best in your preparation. Praying and sending love for you and Ian and all the family x



Amazing job!!!!


Rachael Brett Duggin

Thinking of you guys xxx. You got this Kathryn


Glenn And Jane

Kath you are brave, tenacious, and compassionate! This is just one more reason to be very proud of you Sis! XO


Kristyn Gallyer

I am so incredibly proud of you! Xx





My prayers are with your family 🙏






Renata Zandona

Awesome work for a great cause ❤️




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You are a superwoman Kath! All the best for it and sending loads of prayers to you, Ian and the family ❤


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Love you and super proud of you!


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Always in my thoughts and prayers


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Thinking of you all and sending our love and best wishes xx


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Kathryn Gallyer




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Praying for you Ian! Amazing work Kath - its a beautiful thing your doing.




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You go girl! We will be glam together! ❤️


Grace Chandler

Never stop fighting for this cause!!! Love and hugs ❤️




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Good luck!


Helen Carr

You will be the most amazing Marilyn! Have a blast, and well done.



Finally got around to donating, sorry i missed it! 🥰 Love you x


Di Mitchell

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