Jane Felkel

Thanks to you, we're one step closer to a cancer free future!

According to the American Cancer Society, approximately 2 million new cancer diagnoses occur in the USA yearly. That's over 5000 a day!!! My hometown of Adelaide, South Australia is where this event will take place. It has a population of about 1.3million people with an average of 30 daily reported cancer diagnoses. Way to many don't you agree?

Your support will help us change this terrible statistic.
Every dollar raised will help Cancer Council SA invest in ground-breaking cancer research, empower people to reduce their own risk with prevention education, and provide essential support to everyone impacted by cancer.

Today, you can help make real progress towards a cancer free future by supporting me in the Marilyn Jetty Swim. It is sure to be an unforgettable challenge that I will remember forever.

Thank you for your support

Jane and the Marilyn Jetty Swim Team 2024 Xx

My Updates

Happy Australia Day Marilyn Jetty Swim!

Friday 26th Jan

Progress update. We’ve hit 78% of our goal!

Friday 19th Jan

Let's get physical Darlings

Friday 19th Jan

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Wednesday 10th Jan

Happy 2024!

Saturday 6th Jan

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Friday 5th Jan

The Way you Make Me Feel, the Marilyn and Manolyn Way!

Wednesday 3rd Jan

Dr Richard Felkel's Why?

Friday 1st Dec

Together we've hit 50% of our goal!!!!

Wednesday 29th Nov
Let's keep it going. We can do this!!! xo Jane.

The Marilyn Jetty Swim Team 2024

Wednesday 29th Nov

Let's Get Ready for the Marilyn Jetty Swim Together!

Saturday 18th Nov

You'd be surprised how special the Manolyn's are

Friday 10th Nov

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Friday 10th Nov

Meet Dr Nestor Shust

Friday 3rd Nov

Get to Know Melissa, a Marilyn on the MJST 2024

Friday 3rd Nov

Sue's Why?

Thursday 2nd Nov

Progress update

Wednesday 1st Nov
It's not a trick it's a treat! We are officially at 40% of our goal between this page and our gofundme page. Thanks so much. Please keep those donations coming. xo Jane.

It's not the brady bunch but a group of friends like family

Saturday 28th Oct

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Tuesday 24th Oct

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Tuesday 24th Oct

Thank you to my Sponsors


Gofundme Paypal Giving Fund


Gofundme Paypal Giving Fund


Marianne Meinel

Jane, so proud of you. Your mum would have loved it.


Jeanne Crackel

Jane you are such a treat and gift to this world! So happy our paths have crossed and have become friends and look forward to many more years getting to know each other! So glad you have kicked cancers ass! I am donating on behalf of my beautiful baby grandson JUdE as he battles Cancer ♋️!


Jason Webb And Mark Wakelam

Well done Jane thanks for making two spots available for couple of dodgy blokes.


Stephen Ryan

Go Jetty Swim Team!


Nick Hawkes

In memory of Nick Hawkes. A truly remarkable man of God. His unwavering faith impacted me from a young adult and continues throughout my daily journey of life.


Jane Felkel


Neville Atkinson

So glad you finally get to do it! Thank you for doing it on our behalf. You are an inspiration!💕


Chris Mayer


Mary Kraemer



I am in awe of your courage and am so blessed to have you in my life x


Ellen’s Skin Care



G Turelli

Well done Jane for participating and raising funds for Cancer.


Sarah Grieger

Go Jane! Looks so much fun


Fay Campbell



In Memory of our very special 6 year old Golden Elly who lost her battle to Lymphoma. The sweetest, funniest and most loving companion you could ever ask for. We miss you Elly xo


Saleem Azad

Support for Nestor


Sarah Ross


Valerie Elliott

Go get ‘em Jane!!! We support you and your team!


Chris D


Scott Nestel


Patricia Daffron

You do such great work. Blessings in all you do and stand for.


Linda Schwarz

Good luck! This is an amazing event and wonderful cause!


Jon And Barb


Jon And Barb




Nick Stahlschmidt


Valerie Buhr


Jane Felkel

In Memory of Joy Peacock, loving mum and strongest woman I have ever known. x


Jane Felkel

On behalf of Jackie Mucha. x


Sharon West

In Memory of the best Dog trainer ever, Sharon West! xo


Olivia Newton John

In Memory of one of my favourite Aussie's of all time. Beautiful, talented, a wonderful role model, kind and forever in our hearts. xo