We Marilyns are united by shared cancer experience and together, we are determined to do something positive: raise the funds that will change the future of cancer

Fundraising can be daunting but your efforts really do make a big difference, Darling.

To date, our sisterhood has raised and incredible $1,078,782 that has helped fund Cancer Council SA’s vital research, prevention and support programs that reduce the impact of cancer for thousands of South Australians every day.

Every dollar you raise, Darling, goes a long way in helping to ensure no one has to go through cancer alone. And you have a whole sisterhood here to help.

When you register to be a Marilyn, you will have access to some of our most tried and tested fundraising tips and tools—as well as access to a dedicated team who are here to support you and help you reach all your goals.”

“A wise girl knows her limits. A smart girl knows that she has none”

- Marilyn Monroe

To get you started, here are some of our top tips
to being a blonde bombshell at fundraising:

Log into your Fundraising Dashboard and update your personal fundraising page with your reason for being a Marilyn and your profile picture.

Set the benchmark, Darling and show you’re serious by making the first donation and then ask your existing network of friends, family and colleagues to follow and be fabulous.

Facebook, Twitter and emails can be a huge help. Use your Fundraising Dashboard to send emails using either the email templates we’ve built or send your own emails from your Fundraising Dashboard.

Explore ways to use your own interests to fundraise. Host a morning tea, give up alcohol or chocolate for a month or even add a jar in the household for any slips of the tongue.

Use our Marilyn Jetty Swim bunting to decorate your event!

Thank, thank and thank your supporters! Let them know how grateful you are and do it as personally as you can—no matter how big or small the donation.

You’ll be truly amazed by how generous people are when you tell them you’re raising funds for Cancer Council SA in support of people impacted by a cancer diagnosis. The key to fundraising is simple, Darling—you just have to ASK!

Be bold, be fabulous, be part of the Marilyn Jetty Swim!

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